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Форум » Архив » Тур 2012: "Il Divo & Orchestra In Concert" » 25 сентября - София, Болгария - ARMEEC Arena ((фото, видео, отчеты))
25 сентября - София, Болгария - ARMEEC Arena
WhispaДата: Пятница, 28.09.2012, 00:19 | Сообщение # 16

gluhi, oh glad to see author finally! biggrin So.. your name is Maria? Nice to meet you:)
I think you know how hard sometimes to find authors, but if we know them, we always signed pics like "photos by [name]". Facebook is open social net, and many divas make their collages and often delete authors name dry By this reason we don't want photos from our forum was posted on FB! And because that our forum often hides another's pics, but it's not problem be our member - please welcome and enjoy here! smile
You know ALL us for a long time and I think you can see here very warm and welcome members.. happy
Quote (gluhi)
And I am not on your forum 8 hours a day,because I work 8 hours a day.

Oh, really? surprised it was joke tongue biggrin Don't take it near to heart smile
Quote (gluhi)
Anyway,I wish you great time with Il Divo on stage,they simply gave their best show in Sofia,were on fire,hope you'll have this too in Moscow.And prepare scarf for Urs too,he loved it when I put it on him =)

Thank very much!! I hope our concerts will be also great! ^_^Good idea with scarf for Urs cool biggrin
And thanks a lot for your pics!! hands Urs....... love love love Of course we want more rolleyes flower
TravelgirlДата: Пятница, 28.09.2012, 00:27 | Сообщение # 17
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gluhi, hello! hello thanks a lot for your pics! and if you have some more, we'll be very glad and thankful for them happy

gluhiДата: Пятница, 28.09.2012, 00:42 | Сообщение # 18

Actually,Anna,my name is Yoana.And Kamakam knew prfectly well where to find me and ask me to share my pics,I wouldn't say "No" to her.But all of the pics that are posted on FB can be found all over the net,not only here,so I don't see this as big problem.But the funny thing is that I already saw my pic cropped,in here too,so that's why I want people to ask me first when it comes to my private pics.When I do my creations I always put autor's name on them,because thatk's to them I have this opportunity.And so far I enjoyed in here,although I don't comment,because my Russian is not good,andI appreciate that you like it to be Russian speaking forum.I am not angry at you,just wanted to make things clear,I don't like confrontations,they never do good.So,enjoy your evening,I will post my other pics from the show when I am ready editing them.Enjoy upcoming shows in Moscow,hope they'll be as great as our biggrin
gluhiДата: Пятница, 28.09.2012, 08:20 | Сообщение # 19

tanishaДата: Воскресенье, 28.10.2012, 20:48 | Сообщение # 20
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с фейса...

Если у женщины в глазах искорки, значит, тараканы в ее голове что-то празднуют

Сообщение отредактировал tanisha - Воскресенье, 28.10.2012, 21:05
Форум » Архив » Тур 2012: "Il Divo & Orchestra In Concert" » 25 сентября - София, Болгария - ARMEEC Arena ((фото, видео, отчеты))
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